So I’m Having Another Baby


So it happened. I was living my life, taking care of my three babinos when in June I started to feel sick. Like REALLY sick. I was laid on my couch for days at a time and I didn’t get … Continue reading

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Success Rice is a Staple in My Household!


With school starting there are two major problems going on in my household- how can I cook dinner that’s good and that’s quick and easy. I’ve tried to come home and ‘slave’ over my stove and by 8:00 no one … Continue reading

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Top 3 Things Mums Can Do After Kids are In the Bed

Mums today need to take some time out for themselves. However, with busy demands of everyday life this can be rather challenging to do. One of the best times to do this is when the kids have gone to bed … Continue reading

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Nuuvo Clean Just Snapped My Life Back Together + Giveaway

This past Friday I did something that I had never done in my life- ever. I had a cleaning company come into my home and clean my house. While for some this is a normal occurrence, for me this was … Continue reading

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Try the Suave Professionals® Moroccan Infusion Body Lotion!

  The other day I was running out of the house, late to work, when I realized that my hands were so rough because I had forgotten to put some lotion on. As I thought about running up the stairs, … Continue reading

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Advocacy and Taking Action Brought to You By Advil

Being a teacher means that you’re a volunteer whether you think you are or not. So many times during my 200 plus days an academic year I volunteer to advocate for my children both inside and outside the classroom. Sometimes … Continue reading

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Monsters Headphones! Do You Want Some, Click Here!

    As a teacher I deal with a lot of stress. Sometimes the stress comes from my students while the other times it has to do with my job. Up until this year I relieved my stress by running, … Continue reading

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Keeping My Kids Happy…With Capri Sun

capri sun

  My kids are picky. Not just your regular picky toddlers and preteens, but uber picky, especially when it comes to what they drink. It seems like every week that I try to bring them something “new” to drink that … Continue reading

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Where Have I Been? 5 Things That Can Keep You From Updating Your Blog

Sorry I’ve been MIA. Life kind of caught up with me and I really abandoned one of my loves, this blog. I could make up some story of espionage and kidnappings, but in all truth, I’ve been sitting back plotting. … Continue reading

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3 Ways To Tell If Your Child Is Acting Up on Social Media

How many times have you turned to YouTube only to find another young girl twerking it’s like her day job? What about the times you’ve looked on Instagram and noticed that a boy that’s barely pubescent has dozens of half-naked girls on … Continue reading

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