Product Review: Doris Haircare New York

For  the first quarter of my life I  used the same hair products that I had always used (Cream of Nature, Affirm, etc) and quite frankly until I  made the decision to go “natural” did I begin to experiment with different products. When I was introduced to Doris Haircare, I was leary on if it could be as fabulous as everyone raved it was. I commensed to play Detective and read hundreds of reviews and YouTube testimonials,etc before I could commit to actually using it. Still determined to feel lukewarm about the product, I ordered it and awaited my arrival.
When I got the products, I was amazed with the amount of products the line had for it not to be in retail stores. Since my hair was unusually dry (darn winter hair syndrome) I decided to  products that would help my case of dry hair. So here is my review…
 Name of Product: Doris New York
Where you can buy: or the Hair Salon in Queens, NY (718) 527 4163

Reconstructor Shampoo
courtesy of Doris Haircare
1. The Reconstructor High Vitamin and Mineral Shampoo– the label reads that this product will: gently cleanse while preserving vibrancy and shine, prevent breakage and damage, and leaves hair stronger and more manageable. The shampoo was creamy and smelled like a gentle floral perfume. When I put it on my hair it lathered nice and after rinsing my hair felt clean (not stripped).

Pros: Got my hair clean, smelled good, creamy consistency

Cons: none

Extreme Deep Treatment Conditioner
courtesy of Doris Haircare
2. Extreme Deep Conditioner Treatment- the label reads that this conditioner will: moisturize and hydrate(YES) dry, brittle hair (**waves hand**), conditions and repairs, stops breakage/ increases manageability and softens and adds a healthy shine. This product is AWESOME! First, the product smells great and was so creamy  that I was instantly hooked! **high five** I did as the instructions told me and left it on my hair for at least 15 minutes (actually about 30 minutes). When I rinsed it out, my hair was curly, soft, detangled and just overall fabulous! Two thumbs up!!!

Pros: Smells great, extra creamy, made my hair easier to detangle, left my hair moisturized after I rinsed it out

Cons: You have to leave it on for 15 minutes (but is that really a con)

Leave In Conditioner
courtesy of Doris Haircare
3. Leave In Conditioner–the label reads that the product will add moisture, repair damaged hair, control frizz and add luster! This product suprised me because first it was not in a spray bottle.. You actually poured it in your hand (gives me a sense of confidence).  Then, the actual product was creamy almost a milk consistency and it smelled great! As I rubbed it in my palms and ran it  through my hair, my curls instantly became curlier and felt so moisturized!  

Pros: Instantly made my hair feel even more hydrated, curled my hair up instantly, creamy (but not heavy) consistency, smelled great..let me stop!


Olive Oil Hair Cream
courtesy of Doris Haircare

4. Doris Olive Oil– The product label reads: stops hair breakage, adds shine, provides heat protection, restores moisture. This product is especially creamy and reminds me of a lighter pomade. I used this on my hair to two strand twist my hair and on my ends!
Pros: Smells great, creamy but light on your hair, no build up
Cons: None

All in all, Doris Hair Care is a fabulous brand. Since it takes at least 3-4 times of use of a brand to really get used to the brand,  I will be using Doris Haircare to try a variety of styles and will add them to my YouTube Channel: BossyGirl1980 (become a subscriber).. Check back and leave a message!

So what do you think, would you buy/use Doris Haircare? Have you used it? What did you think?

Disclaimer: This post contains a sample product sent for post consideration. Read our Disclosure Policy for more info!

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Written by BossyGirl1980

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5 Responses to Product Review: Doris Haircare New York

  1. Anonymous says:

    What are the prices like?

  2. The prices are reasonable for the product..10 and up…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for sharing your review of Doris New York products! I share in your admiration for the products—best thing since slice bread!! :-) Le'Vonia Harper

  4. Paula says:

    I love these products — I bought it for the only natural hair daughter in the house and now she is looking a great deal better than the permed folk! My sister says she gonna need aspirin if she doesn't stop swinging her hair. Her hair has grown, the dryness and breakage CEASED! I will NEVER relax this child's hair. I bought bunch of "Doris" products in Atlanta @ the Bronner Bros Hair Show 2010 just for my baby girl. But now I need to "re-up" per my eldest daughter. WE LOVE IT!! They are very sweet people too! I wish I could swing by a store here and pick some up, but I will order online this week.Try it! Mrs. PGJ

  5. sunshine says:

    I bought the leave in conditioner and Mudd conditioner at the Circle of Sisters in 2011. I recently tried it because I had so many other products I bought in the pass and was still using. Wow I am so amazed at the wonderful job it does with keeping my hair hydrated and moist. I wear my hair curly and some mornings when I’m in a hurry I just put a little in my hands and rub it into my hair and go. It is such a pleasurable feeling for my hair and I was hoping doris would be at Circle of sisters this year. I am so overjoyed that she will. I have been recommending her products to other people. Doris keep doing what you do and take your product nationally, it will do you well.

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