Natural Hair & Me: Toddler Hair ..What do you do?

Updated: 1/30/2014- I will be providing an update on my daughter’s hair within the next week!


Problem: My daughter’s hair was brittle, dry and would not grow on the sides or back.

Background:In 2008 my life changed forever. I became a mother to a daughter and from that point on I have become obsessed with her hair and how to make sure it is healthy. My daughter (commonly referred to as Little Mama) has “super dry” hair so any products I would use in her hair would literally be soaked up in a matter of hours. So early on (and after using many products) I have found  the Holy Grail products that not only make her hair grow but keep her hair moisturized!

Points to remember about toddler’s hair:

  1. Purchase a wide tooth and a fine tooth comb to comb their hair. I make it a point to use the bigger comb when I am going through her hair and then the smaller tooth comb when I am combing out sections.
  2. Watch out for strain around the edges and back of the nape.
  3. Test products on yourself before applying them on  her!
  4. Be consistent…if you are only doing the baby’s hair once a week then you can not expect for their hair to improve.

Hair Regimen Solution:
1. Shampoo- I wash her hair every two weeks. I found that washing it on a weekly basis made her hair even drier. After using a variety of really expensive (and cheaper) products I have settled on two:
Organic Root Stimulator Uplifting Shampoo or the Palmer’s Coconut Oil Conditioning Shampoo.

  •   I use both of these for different reasons. The Organic Root Stimulator cleans her hair without stripping any moisture and it allows me to get any hard to rinse hair product residue out. The Palmer’s is great if you do not have a lot of product to wash out of your hair. It leaves her hair so soft and it smells good! Both products are UNDER $5.00 at your local Beauty Supply Store!

Conditioner: I condition her hair on a weekly basis but I usually swap products every week so her hair will not become used to just one product. So far the following products have worked for me:
Olive Oil  Replenishing Conditioner– I use this conditioner on her the most because it is cheap but it works! I usually put it on her hair, place a shower cap on her hair and let it deep condition for at least 30 minutes. I love that it is under $5.00 and works just as well (if not better) than some higher end products.

I also use some of these equally good products:

  1. Bee Mine Avocado Conditioner
  2. Doris Haircare Extreme Deep Conditioner

Leave In Conditioner– I have to use a l.i.c. (leave in conditioner) in her hair. If I forget I find that her hair is dry and brittle. While trying to find one that worked on her hair I ran into some really CRAPPY ones but were super expensive! I know use the following product(s) on her hair.

  1. Jane Carter Revitalizing Leave In Conditioner–this is the BOMB! It keeps her hair soft and manageable and is all natural.

Honorable Mentions:
1. Creme of Nature Lemongrass and Rosemary Leave in Conditioner
                                 2.Curls Lavish Conditioner

Now here is where it gets tricky/controversial. I use grease for her scalp. Yes, I admit it..and grease helps her scalp stay moisturized and conditioned. I know there are bloggers who are cringing but I use it for her so #POW! And besides natural hair is known to be drier than other hair types so grease allows her scalp to stay healthy.

Grease: After applying the leave in conditioner over her hair I lightly coat her entire scalp with grease. When I say lightly I mean lightly.The following products are just as good as any expensive grease/ hair dressing!.I get a quarter size of the following products:

    1. Royal Crown Hair dressing–this stuff has been around since the 1960s and I see why. With her scalp flaking I used this when she first had braids and instantly her scalp was 10x better! It is under $2.00 and when used sparingly it is perfect for little girls with dry scalp. Plus the product lasts forever, I have kept my bottle for at least 6 months!
  1. Sulfur 8 Hair Conditioner Creme- this stuff has also been around for a while. Every (older) person that I went to about Little Mama’s hair NOT growing recommended Sulfur 8 but all I could think of was that heavy sulfur smell. (I could not do that to my baby) However,  I went into my local Wal Mart and found they have a light grease (that smells great) that retails for under $3.00! Almost instantly her hair in the back and sides began to grow!

Daily Hair Dressing: Now my baby girl wears her hair in braids, pony tails, afro puffs, mini name it she wears it. So I needed something that I could use on a daily basis that would moisturize without leaving a buildup! I used one really expensive brand and I was so disgusted I gave it away! #goodbye … About 6 months ago, I finally found a product that works for her:

  1. Doris New York Olive Oil– this is like GOLD in a bottle! From the moment I began to use it(and the other products on a consistent basis) I noticed a difference in her moisture level right away. Her hair was not longer brittle…even days after me washing it! In the morning if her hair was a little parched I could put some on her hair and it was instantly back to life. I could even go multiple days without putting it on her hair and it still looked great! I know some people may mumble about the price ($17.00) but I wasted more than that when I was constantly buying CRAP. This stuff is golden! Read my review .
The last thing that I use to keep her hair moisturized is a silk pillowcase. Every night I make sure she sleeps on it because cotton pillowcases soaks up the  “new found” moisute on my hair.

This is my routine for her hair..and it shows in the results. Her hair has literally grown 2-3  inches in the back in about a 6 month time period! Her hair no longer looks dry and brittle, she has sides and EVERYONE wants to know what I did! Do you want to know what the best part is? It usually takes me only 10 minutes every morning to comb, brush and apply the Doris Olive Oil to her hair then style and we are out the door!

Before the regimen:

After starting the hair regimen..

What is your regimen for your children’s hair? What styles do you try??

Check out the update for this post here and here.

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43 Responses to Natural Hair & Me: Toddler Hair ..What do you do?

  1. No problem chica! Try the products I listed or try some that you like…I had to learn that different products work differently for her hair! Good Luck!!!

    • Mommyof2 says:

      Omg my daughter was attacked by dogs ! She
      Lost a lot of hair and ever since her hair has become
      Dry brittle n just not growing it's been almost a year…
      I am completely helpless and feel so bad for her please help
      She has a good grade looks nappy but really soft

    • malou says:

      Where can I buy it plz

  2. K. Rock says:

    Your baby's edges look just like my baby's edges. Her hair breaks off along her forehead hairline and I haven been able to fix it yet. I really need to take better care of her hair and I am learning how to. These are great tips. Thanks.

  3. Yum Yucky says:

    Greedy Baby's hair is VERY different than mine. It took a lot of trial and error to find the best products. The Shea Moisture line is going well for her. That same product line also works well in my hair – but only when I let air dry.

  4. Yeah I love Shea Moisture also…they do not work as well on my daughter's hair so I have to use old school stuff

  5. tashsparkles says:

    I'm on a trial and error hunt for the best products for Nate's hair. He's got my mom's hair, and unfortunately she's not here to tell me what worked for her. Add to that, I'm currently transitioning, so I'm having a dickens of a time figuring out what works on my hair. Some days I just hate hair! LOL

  6. Great post with good tips!! My daughter has thick hair and it's very dry as well. I like Sofnfree Milk and Protein Oil and their Hair and Scalp Nourisher.

  7. Thank you a lot for posting this. I live in Saudi Arabia and here I can't find all the products you mentioned but I am going to make it my goal to care for my daughter's hair. My daughter has very dry and tightly coiled hair. I feel so frustrated that I could not take care of it. I was even considering shaving of her head but now I will try to manage it. If you have any styles that you have done on your daughter's hair please post it. and thank you again for this.

  8. Thank you a lot for posting this. I live in Saudi Arabia and here I can't find all the products you mentioned but I am going to make it my goal to care for my daughter's hair. My daughter has very dry and tightly coiled hair. I feel so frustrated that I could not take care of it. I was even considering shaving of her head but now I will try to manage it. If you have any styles that you have done on your daughter's hair please post it. and thank you again for this.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Oh My gosh! Thank you so much for this post. My dauther's hair look just like your childs hair just before u started. I will definatley try your care style. I am so excited. sometime i feel like that her hair is the biggest challenge for me (which it is)because it is so nappy,tightly coiled, dry, brittly and most times i feel like cutting it off or perming it and deep down i don"t want to do that. Sometimes her hair burst/break off when i comb it and it looks as though it is dropping off instead of growing. It furstrates me and i cry sometime when i have to comb it.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I love this post. What does #POW mean?

  11. LOL…It's like "there I said it!" LOL

  12. Pingback: Toddler’s Hair–Part III Maintaining Hair Growth »

  13. lucy8544 says:

    Thanks for this wonderful post.

  14. Tylasmom says:

    Thanks for this post my daughter hair is not as kinky as your daughters hair but is exactly like hers was missing sides and the back I hope your regimen helps her hair grow a little faster I also use a grease (hair food) and I have seen some growth but not nearly as much as I thought would happen .. Could my problem be that I use too much ??

  15. Renise says:

    I have natural hair and in the summer months wash and wear is great! But in the winter months I straighten it once a week – unfortunately it means my hair doesn’t get conditioned daily like it does in the summer – any suggestions on keeping my scalp from drying out and flaking in the winter months? I’m concerned about using grease and then putting heat on it. I don’t want to fry my hair and I’ve found when I use grease plus a flat iron or even just my blow dryer my hair gets SUPER oily. Any suggestions would be helpful!

  16. Rene says:

    I LOVE the Palmers products. They smell great and my hair looks and feels good. Going to continue using them for a few more weeks and hopefully I can find an oil that will be good to my scalp without making the hair too oily. Thanks for the tips!

  17. Evan says:

    How did you style your daughters hair during the first six months while her hair was filling in?

  18. Brittany says:

    Thank you for sharing! I’m having the same problem with my 3 year old’s hair! She still has her thin spot in the back of her head from when she was born and it grows sooooo slow if at all! I’m definitely going to try your regiment and see how it works for us:-)

  19. LADI CHANEL says:

    OH WOW! I thought I was alone. LOL! My daughter hair is the same way. I spend lots of money trying to find the right product and homemade conditioners. It caught me by surprise because my hair is totally different . I just need new its wasn't going to be this dry but but should have checked her dads family background more clearly. ;} His grandma told me his mom hair was so badd!" she use to have to relax it twice". So there you go…. But thanks for the tips. I'm going to go buy this stuff RIGHT NOW!!!

  20. Cheryl says:

    Hi, I have a biracial 3 year old daughter. Knowbody ever told me not to use regular shampoo/ conditioners on her nor told me about what moisturizers to use. I feel very bad as a mother because my daughter has this very thick, dry, brittle coarse hair. Could you please possibly give me suggestions on how to care for her hair on a regular basis, PLEASE!!!!!!
    If there is a way I could send you a picture of her hair, let me know!!
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart

    • Brittany says:

      Cheryl I am in the same situation you are if you receive any information can you please let me know my poor baby has the driest hair EVER!!!! I have three boys and only one girl I have no clue what I am doing and am in despreate need of help.

  21. Kee G says:

    I really need help in growing my daughters hair

  22. April says:

    Thank you for sharing! My daughter is biracial and 4 yrs old. She had no hair on the sides and back for the first year. Her hair finally started growing out, but at four is only shoulder length- it grows so slowly but has beautiful tight curls. My other daughter (same dad) has much bigger curls and I am cutting that child's hair every couple months- their hair is so different! I am excited to try the Doris New York on my 4 yr. old's hair, I think this may help. So far the only product we use is Biosilk (leave in conditioner which controls the frizz and makes the hair soft and shiny) but it needed something else! Thanks again!

  23. Karmen says:

    My daughter has great hair but it’s like an old mans to where it’s at the too and around the sides and she has a lot in the too middle but it’s bald in the middle. She is 1. I am going to use the same methods you did but I noticed you said that you got a different type of grease that was cheaper, what was the name of it?

  24. Karmen says:

    I meant the top in the middle and it is bald around a certain spot

  25. Denise says:

    Hey my daughter is one years old is it safe to use those exact products on her hair cause right now im using baby don’t be bald hair grease and her hair is thin curly and dry

  26. Crystal says:

    Hello! My name is Crystal and my daughter is 1 years old. I am very excited to try your regimen but I have a question. With the leave In Conditioner, Hair Dressing, and the Grease, How often should that be done? I know that some people use leave in conditioner almost everyday or every other day as a detangler. Thanks for sharing your regimen also!

  27. Sophia says:

    ECSTATIC that i found your site! My daughter was born with very little hair. Now she is two. Her hair has grown, but it is still short, soft, and weak. It is good to see a little girl take this journey that started near where my baby is! I am tired of women naming their daughter’s hair as a growth journey when their daughter’s STARTED with long hair! Good to see some REAL results! Love this!

  28. Stephanie says:

    Thank you so much for this post. I am apart of some FB toddler hair groups and the pictures are ALL of these super long luxurious hair styles……I love the cute pics but that is no where near my current reality. My daughter also has a blood disorder which causes her even more dry hair from the iron she takes. I am natural too and learning to love my own hair. I want her to love here… we are in the midst of the trial and error as well. I am trying to stick with natural stuff but lordy its hard. Thank you.

  29. christina says:

    Yes, you confuse me you have so many different regimens attached with the same pic, when I first saw your blog you mentioned you were using aloe vera juice, miss Jessie baby buttercreme, grease, and oil. I am a little lost on the steps I need to take to get started do I need to wash her hair weekly, or twice a month?

  30. Melanie says:

    Thanks for the info. My daughter has the exact type of hair. You say you wash her hair every 2 weeks but condition it every week. Are you just putting conditioner on her wet hair and rinsing it on the off week?

  31. Bonita says:

    I’m so happy I found this post. My daughter’s hair look EXACTLY like how your daughters hair did in the “before” picture. Like exactly. The top/crown of her head is full of hair. But the back and along the edges of her scalp are super short and beady. I’m going to implement the regimen that you used on your daughter and play around with some of the products.

    Thank you for sharing

  32. Stacey says:

    Girl, thank you so much for sharing this. The pictures of your daughter could very easily have been replaced with my baby.
    This regimen has been the best thing ever. Prior to reading your post I had about 7 different products I was using and I was at a loss as top what to do next. When I read your post I figured I had nothing to lose. All I can say is I wish I read it a year earlier! Lastly, the Doris of NY Olive Oil…….OMG love it!
    Thanks again for sharing.

  33. malou says:

    Where can I buy it plz

  34. Nazia taj says:

    Hi my girl is 1years old she thin and curly hair thy bounce up and she is bald from her scalp is it still ok to use all the ingredients x

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