Natural Hair &Me: Q.& A.: Deep Conditioning Toddler’s Hair, Retaing Moisture

Q. My daughter’s hair is super dry…especially in the summer. What can/should I do to deep condition her hair? She is only three and I am afraid of using heat in her hair. –Tracy
A. Girl.. I have had the same issue with my daughter in this fierce Georgia heat but I deep condition her hair weekly without heat. The first thing I would recommend doing is finding quality moisturizing shampoo and conditioners for her hair. I have used supermarket brands to more expensive brands and I have found some good and bad one. Recently I was sent  Doris New York Hair Care  products from their High Moisture Line and I was impressed. Once I shampoo, I apply conditioner to her hair then this is were things may get “weird”. 

First, I only wash her hair on Friday or Saturday nights. Why you may ask? That way she can sleep in the conditioner. Second, I apply conditioner on her hair, cover with a plastic cap and leave on overnight. STOP THE PRESS..You do what?? Yes, I leave her conditioner on overnight so that it will really penetrate her super thick hair and I do not have to deal with a super fussy 3 year old.Deep conditioning is used to restore moisture and shine to damaged hair and in reality the sun can do a lot of damage to our hair so really doing a deep conditioner may call for more. When you read the bottles to different deep conditioner, you will notice that the brand calls for you to leave the conditioner on longer (2 hours most times) than normal.

 So when dealing with a toddler (who despises to have her hair washed..let alone conditioned) I found it is better if I do her hair in stages. Stage 1: Shampoo and condition her hair.  I make sure neither the cap (or plastic bag) is tight enough to hurt her and at night I will routinely tighten it up to make sure it does not slip off.

Exhibit A: The 24 hour conditioner..

 The next morning (after I have bathed her in a steamy bathroom) I will rinse out her hair and style as necessary. Why does the bathroom need to be steamy? I make sure the bathroom is steamy so that the conditioner can have the effect of being steamed like you would sitting under a dryer with a plastic cap on. I do not feel like it is “safe” to actually put a toddler under a dryer. Once I am ready for Stage 2: Styling, her hair is soft and moisturized. I have been doing this for a long time and so far…her hair has retained moisture and has had no breakage.

Q.2 How do you retain moisture in your hair in these hot summer months?

A. Retaining moisture in natural hair is a task–that we should be paid for. After many failed tries and me looking like Celie from The Color Purple (in her days she was married to Mr.) I think I have perfected a routine to maintain moisture.
1. I always wash my hair in a moisturizing shampoo and I rinse my hair out in medium temperature water. When I have been using a lot of product on my hair I usually do an apple cider vinegar rinse.
2. When I apply my conditioner I usually leave it on for an extended amount of time depending on the brand.  I have recently been using Doris Hair Care High Moisture Conditioner or NuNaat Conditioning Cream or Deep Conditioning Mask. Both are excellent brands to use!
3. I rinse my conditioner out in cold water to close the open pores and lessen frizziness.

4. I apply a water based leave in conditioner to my hair. Right now I am using the Darcy Botanical Juicy Peach Leave In Conditioner..excellent product! Remember your hair need water so try to use WATER BASED hair products.

4. I apply a hair oil (coconut or other essential oils) throughout my hair. I recently started to use Mizani Supreme Oil. This is an excellent brand and the best part is that it has multiple essential oils in it to ensure that you do not have to spend an “arm and a leg” to get all the different oils.

5. Apply a cream to lock in the moisture . I currently use several brands but some of my staples are from the Doris Hair Care, Darcy Botanical, Bee Mine and Karen’s Body Beautiful.
Check out my YouTube Video as I do a tutorial to do this..

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