The Socialite Files: A Night with Shea Moisture and Felecia Leatherwood

Imagine a room full of naturally coiffed women eager to hear natural hair experts, Felicia Leatherwood and Dr. Keri Williams. On September 8th in the hip Castleberry Hills neighborhood of Atlanta, some of Atlanta’s chicest gathered for a “Night with Shea Moisture”.

The event started with a great cocktail mix and mingle hour then followed with a panel discussion of how to take care of the whole woman through physical exercise to maintaining healthy hair. The panel started with Fitness Specialist, Amia Freeman. She shared that in order  to be mentally healthy you have to start taking care of yourself. One of the most inspiring  was when she talked about how fitness took her out of post partum depression. She stressed that to have any effective fitness regimen you have to have cardio, strength and flexibility training.

The panel then went to Dr. Kari Freeman who is one of the few African American Trichologist in the United States. She discussed how she got into the field of  haircare and touched on several issues African American women engage in that cause damage to their scalp. One key advice she gave to the audience was that “hair is a thermometer of health.” She went further when she talked about women who have dry scalp is usually an indicator of something going on within your body.

Dr. Kari Freeman on the panel.

Felecia Leatherwood (center), BossyGirl (2nd to right)

The last speaker was the lovely Felicia Leatherwood, founder of Loving Your Natural Hair Workshops. She really touched on the emotional side of wearing your hair natural and how women of color are struggling all over the world with their hair. She noted that self- acceptance is at the core of most issues with our hair and that when you look in the mirror you have to think, “I love me so you don’t have a choice to love me.”*** POWERFUL STUFF***

We were graced with the Co-CEO of Shea Moisture, Richelieu Dennis, who not only answered questions by the audience but have us the historical background of the Shea Moisture brand. At the end of the night I walked away with FAB gift bag and a deep appreciation for Shea Moisture bringing these experts to their loyal clients! If Shea Moisture comes to your city…make reservations to be in the audience! 

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Written by BossyGirl1980

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3 Responses to The Socialite Files: A Night with Shea Moisture and Felecia Leatherwood

  1. Yum Yucky says:

    I love Shea Moisture. Although I do have a relaxer, their products are still fabulous at taming my hair – I wash and go. I haven't used any heat appliances on my hair in over 3 months! Nada

  2. Anonymous says:

    I love them also!!! It was so nice!

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