Blogger Peeps: I Won an Award!!!

I’ve been a very bad blogger. Bad enough to enrage the Blog Police and haul me away with charges of Blogging Without Remembering. You see last week two very good blogger friends, Lola and Kita  both gave me this award for all of the blogging, kickassness (is that a word) that I do over here! I was so honored because this blog is my baby and when someone notices all the hard work I put in her I get all teary eyed and sentimental.

So the rules go like this: I have to give you 7 random facts about me, link back up to the persons who gave me the awards and nominate 10 blogger friends of mine.. Here goes!

Random Facts:

  1. My favorite musical group is… Journey! 
  2. I was once in my middle school play of Scrooge.
  3. I only watch 80s movies…that’s when all the good movies ( Pretty in Pink, Ferris Bueller) were made
  4. I refuse to use public restrooms.
  5. I want to take over the world.. no really I do. 
  6. Cats give me the creeps..**shudders**
  7. I love the Golden Girls.

Now here are the   bloggers I am giving awards to…

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