Monday Motivation: Master the Grocery Store & Eating

“Abs start in the kitchen.” Is a statement that many fitness buffs swear by but for years I just did not get IT! I knew I needed to eat healthy but how could a person addicted to cookies (raises hand) really be expected to eat carrots instead? Easy I learned the system. Now last week I encouraged all of my friends to commit (for the next 8 weeks) to exercising and eating clean. But I know just saying your’re going to do it is NOT enough. It takes determination, strategic planning and a lot of prayers when you enter the grocery store.

This week we are going to start with learning how to shop at the grocery store to lose weight. You see before I lost 32 pounds, I thought I knew EVERYTHING about the grocery store. You go and buy enough meat, canned goods and veggies to last you for the week. But truthfully I didn’t know jack squat! I would fill my basket with tons of processed food and a few fruits and veggies and some meats and I would be “good to go” or I thought  Know that I have lost some weight..I know there is a method to the grocery store.

But before I reveal this secret let me take you some classic “before” and “now” of me.

April 2010
September 2010

This summer I was determined to break the mystery and I did one day by hanging out with some fitness buffs...when going to the grocery store shop more on the outside lanes than in the middle lanes. As I heard this I was confused. What was so good about the outside lanes? Well duh…the fruits, veggies and meat!!! So if I filled my cart up with meat (chicken, turkey and fish) and veggies then I could eliminate a lot of the processed food out of my diet. Shut the front door!!! Fruits and veggies make you lose weight??? Still intrigued, I decided to try it one day…and not only did I get less processed food but I cut my bill by a 1/3!!! 

Before you screech out the door and head to your grocery store.. I have another secret. Whenever I would go into stores like Kroger or Wal-Mart I would always wonder why I never saw any health nuts. You know the bodybuilders or people who are all psycho about what goes in their mouth (rightfully so) were never in Wal-Mart (or at least when I went). Where were they shopping at? After a little further research I found that most really healthy people forgoe the traditional grocery store and head to the…FARMER’S MARKET!!!!

That’s right…they decide to go somewhere were the food is fresh, cheap and good. I’ve been shopping at my local market for months and when I tell you I get everything there..I get 99% of my groceries. Here are some reasons that I love the F.M.
1. The fruits and veggies are half the price of a supermarket.
2. The meat is hormone and preservative free.
3. The spices and a 1/4 of the price of the grocery store brands. 
4. My food is fresh.
5. I look cool. :-)
6. My bill is half the amount if I shopped at a large retailer.

Now I don’t want to hear any whining and crying about how your family doesn’t like fruits and veggies because that’s bullcrap! If you want them to live.. give them fruits and veggies. I’ve even trained my kids not to ask for cookies because all I will give them is a piece of fruit. Now I’ve brainwashed them to think that fruits and veggies are the snacks everyone eats…LOL

So what’s the mini challenge this week? Visit your local Farmer’s Market and buy more fruits and veggies than processed food(s). I will be going grocery shopping this week,so I will post some pictures (and recipes) on the blog’s Facebook page. Leave a comment below and let me know what you plan on buying at the store!!! Lets do this!!! #7weeks to go!!!

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