Natural Hair Stories.. Tes is Redefining the ‘FRO

Motivated by my journey to being a natural sista, this week’s “Natural Hair Story” comes from a naturalista, running machine who may be new to being natural but is making it look easy.  Read about her story and show her some love!!!

1.When did you decide to go natural? Was it a natural decision or did something motivate you?
I decided to stop relaxing my hair in March of 2011. I had my last hair appointment on March 30,2011 and got a fierce hairstyle from my hair dresser. 3 weeks later I attended my first BGR meet up in April. I had been thinking about going natural. I met soooo many natural women over the course of the first few weeks of BGR and got sooo much advice. The Natural Hair Show was in town during that time. I decided to attend the show and make my decision after that event. Long story short, I felt confident that I could take the plunge of going natural and have not relaxed my hair since. My hair style was short anyway, so it took about 3 months for all of the relaxed hair to grow out and I simply cut it out.

2. Is it easier for you to workout being natural versuses being relaxed? Give examples if necessary… Absolutely! During the summer months when my hair sweats it no longer “sweats out my perm”. Also, I can do a wash and go so much easier. Everyone tells me that as it gets longer it will get more difficult, but so far…I love it!!
3. Name the exercise/ workout routines you do to stay healthy. I run about 20-30 miles per week over the course of 3-5 days per week. 3-6 mile runs on the weekdays and long runs on the weekends. I incorporate strength training into my week 2-3 days per week as well. Some of my favorite cross training activities are hiking, spin, basketball, racquetball, boot camps, speed training, yoga, and hill training.

4. How many times a week are you active? 4-6 days per week I am doing something active. 

5. How do you manage your hair? Are there any hairstyles that you rely on to stay looking fly?
My hair is still pretty short, so I am rockin the short fro quite often. I am looking forward to being able to wear a fro-hawk and also a twist out when my hair gets longer. I love to accessorize my short style with my jewerly and scarves in the fall!!
6. Name some products that you can not live without. What about these products help you maintain your hair?

I am still doing a lot of product sampling, however I really do lik the Kinky Curly line, the Shea Moisture Line, and some random product oil samples that I have come across. Coconut oil and shea butter will always be staples as well! These products have done the best job of keeping my hair moisurized which is one of my biggest challenges.

7. What would you tell someone that does not workout because of their hair?
That would be a tough one for me, because I have been active all of my life and have never let hair be a deterrant. I guess I would say, you have to make a tough choice…Hair or Health….and pray they would make a great decision for their life.

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