Toddler’s Hair–Part III Maintaining Hair Growth

One of the scariest things about becoming a mother to a baby girl is learning how to do their hair. For years I did my own hair, but trying to keep a baby’s (now a toddler) hair moisturized, conditioned and growing proved a daunting task for me.  For the past 6 months I’ve been documenting my daughter’s hair growth, products that I’ve used  and the lessons I’ve learned these past three years in dealing with her hair. (Check out my previous  articles here and here.) Now before I tell you about how AWESOME her hair is..let me SHOW you..

If you notice within the last 4 months her hair has grown to the middle of her back! THat’s right, my baby who used to be bald on the sides and back of her hair now has “hang time” ! What did I do to get her hair to grow so quick? Am I secretly giving her hair vitamins? Am I putting weave in her hair? Heck no..I am using the same products but with a twist–a homemade leave in conditioner I make and I use aloe vera juice daily in her hair.

You heard me right… the secret to my daughter’s hair growth is

Aloe Vera Juice + a Homemade Leave In Conditioner+ Patience+ Consistency = Hair Growth

A while ago talked about my love affair with aloe vera juice  and all of it’s health benefits and still nothing has changed. I use it when I conditioner her hair (add a 1/2 capful in her conditioner) and I use it in my leave in conditioner mix. I got my 96 oz of it at our local farmer’s market for under $6.00!

I also have talked about my attempts to becoming a mixtress with my  homemade refreshing/detangler/ leave in conditioner I had made up to use on a daily basis. I am happy to announce that not only does it work but it keeps her hair shiny. I basically use the following ingredients:

Water (1 cup)

Glycerin (2 capfuls)

Essential Oil (I use Cocoa Oil or Coconut Oil) (3 teaspoons)

Conditioner (I use Giovanni Conditioner) (2 capfuls)

Aloe Vera Juice (1 capful)

I mix them all together in a spray bottle and there I have an excellent hair product. Now let me be “real” I don’t measure out anything..but I do notice the more Aloe Vera Juice  I use the better the end result. Sometimes I also play around with the measurements, I may add a little more glycerin to add more shine and curl definition.  I use this concoction as a detangler, a leave in conditioner (along with another one I use) and just to give her hair some shine all for under $10 to make. The smell is great and it brings out her curl pattern when I want her to wear her hair curlier.

The homemade leave in conditioner/detangler/refreshing spray is in the red bottle from Ikea!

Now in addition to these two products, I have some more things I’ve began to do to make sure her hair continues to grow..

1. I made sure to continue to grease her scalp (#TeamNeedGrease) and I make sure to keep her hair “up”. That may mean me putting it in a protective style or me brushing her sides on a daily basis but I try not to let a day go back without combing or brushing it (softly of course).

2.I also DO NOT allow her to sleep in rubber bands anymore..especially around her edges. I noticed her scalp red on her edges after me allowing her to sleep in her hairbands and I did not want to train her edges not to grow so I take them out nightly. Right now she’s wearing twists and when they get old, I’ll take them out and let her wear a two strand twist.

3. She still sleeps on a satin pillow–it was too much of a battle to keep her in a silk bonnet.

4. I wash her hair monthly with an apple cider vinegar rinse..It leaves her curls super moist and conditions her hair well.



So that’s my update….check back in a couple of weeks for another one!

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Written by BossyGirl1980

Here I am 35 and accidentally a mother of four, naturalista, wife, business woman, budding socialite and self proclaimed “runnergirl”. Follow me on my journey of living the fab life while trying to maintain my sanity. In 2010 I lost over 30 pounds by embracing exercise and running as a pastime. This is your place for everything it takes to be a BossyGirl .

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About BossyGirl1980

Here I am 35 and accidentally a mother of four, naturalista, wife, business woman, budding socialite and self proclaimed "runnergirl". Follow me on my journey of living the fab life while trying to maintain my sanity. In 2010 I lost over 30 pounds by embracing exercise and running as a pastime. This is your place for everything it takes to be a BossyGirl .
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42 Responses to Toddler’s Hair–Part III Maintaining Hair Growth

  1. Nige says:

    I use the same thing on my hair! I thank Chicoro every day for that recipe! smiles..

  2. Awesome, Awesome, Awesome! I too was able to bring my baby from bald to hair down her back, i see we are using some of the exact same techniques AND products!! We use Giovanni, Aloe Vera Juice, Monthyl ACV rinses…all the same. There MUST be something behind this sis!! Anyway. Thanks for this post!! Putting it on our FB page as we speak!

    Peace :-)

  3. You are doing an excellent job with her hair! I agree with not allowing her to sleep with the rubberbands in her hair. Those things will do a number on your hair if you sleep in them.
    My recent post Sweet Simplicity Hair Styler, 4 oz.

  4. Amber says:

    Just saw this post from a convo on GlossyMimi's page! So glad I found it. I've been working to take extra special care of my daughter's hair (she's 15 months), with conditioning and twisting it up at night. I'm using KKCC to detangle and I'll follow up with Coconut Oil and a dab of shea butter to moisturize. I've noticed results already! Her bald spot is taking forever to grow in, but it's coming along. I may try this recipe!

  5. Mama Meme says:

    Thank you Thank you thank YOU!! I just started to add the aloe vera on my toddlers hair. I mix it with olive oil, avocado oil, honey, and Aloe vera gel….
    My recent post I want you to know

  6. macheka says:

    Do you still use the Jane Carter, or do you just use the homemade leave- in?

  7. Macheka says:

    where do you purchase your glycerin & Giovanni products? i'm trying to find someone where to purchase from that sell larger sizes.

  8. constance says:

    Hi Bossy Girl,

    My 3 year old's hair looks just like your daughters hair BEFORE you started working with it. Should I use the "formula" that you posted here on FebruARY 28TH, or start where you first started? thanks for your help!

  9. Staci says:

    Hi there I agree with you and the YouTube videos..particularly their stance on not using grease (which some said they never said not to use..that is NOT TRUE..they recommend you don’t). Your daughter’s hair type is the only one I’ve seen online that really matches that of my daughter..before your wonderful care and her growth. I was not using grease as recommended by these bloggers. My question to you is what type of grease do you use..although I realise I might still have to experiment if the one you recommend does not work. But at least it will help me to start somewhere.Thanks!

  10. Letora says:

    Where do you store your homemade spritz and how long does it last?

  11. Guest says:

    Does this also work on adult hair?

  12. Jamila says:

    I can't see the names of all the products in the picture (the one with the Shea Moisture). Could you list them please?

  13. brionne griffin says:

    can i buy this

  14. brionne griffin says:

    can i buy this from you

  15. Esi says:

    I am actually on the verge of looking into locking my almost 2 year old’s hair. I have been struggling so much with trying to get her hair to grow and stay moiturized and I am losing the battle. Her hair is extremely kinky but fragile at the same time. She is plagued by single strand knots all over her hair, which I attempted to trim, only to find the same knots reappeared all over her head within a week. I try the water and glycerin, the shea butter, coconut oil and everthing under the sun, but within an hour her hair is back to dry and crunchy. She isn’t retaining any length at all in the back and the top of her hair is about 1 1/2 inches long. She wont sit long enough for me to do any type of protective style on the top, and the back is to short to catch. When I try to wrap her hair at night, she pulls off the bonnet or scarf. Her hair looks like your daughter’s hair before you began the new regiment but it is that dusty brown color and dry as ever. Can you please help me get started. When I try to detangle, all I hear is snap crackle pop of the tiny knots getting caught on the comb and the hair popping and breaking even if her hair is fully saturated with water and conditioner. I don’t know what to do. Please

  16. Keinda Coleman says:

    What about the shea butter,aloe water, an a oil mixed together??

  17. Tia says:

    What are the products in the picture for. It looks like Cantu Shea butter, Shea moisture curl and other products. Is that some other products that are used on your daughters hair? I have a 6 yr old and her hair is short, shorter than how your daughters hair was in 2011.

  18. Takesha says:

    I need the products where to order

  19. jasmine says:

    What kind of grease ?

  20. LanDomino says:

    I know this is 2 years old but, I totally agree with everything you said! I have learn do to researching and youtubing on how to do my daughter’s hair. She is now 3 and her hair has growth the same as your daughter. The only thing is i do not deep condition and the conditions spray I tried (the same recipe) and it just didn’t work with her hair. We are team need grease too.

  21. Njie says:

    Hi everyone, I read a lot of comments about how to embrace natural hair & how to take care of them… However, I am really suck at doing my daughter’s hair. She’s turning one year old in a month, she has thin curly hair but mostly in the mid-section. I don’t know what to do with them since they are thin. I was also wondering if any of you guys know any type of hair style that can do unlike the usual Afro. Thank you

    • Mrs. Brown says:

      I hated hearing this but patience is key. Jamaican black castor oil really does work. I massage my daughters scalp with it every other day. I have a ton of headband because for a while all my daughter could wear was a fro. I didn’t want to keep pulling her hair so the fro paired with headbands that went ear to ear were the way to go. I also used the homemade aloe vera mix in her hair everyday and comb it throughout. My daughters hair was pretty much bald and thin in the back and now i can put two ponytails back there.

      • AP says:

        Doesn’t the JBCO clog the pores of an infant’s head? How much did you use daily? Just a drop or more? I’m starting to use it on my 4 months old edges. I notice her edges are more dry than the rest of her hair. Our usual regimen is water and olive oil as well as California Baby Super Sensitive Leave In Conditioner (sparingly). I would like to use some JBCO on the back of her head. She is not bald but that area is significantly drier than the rest of her 4a hair. Please let me know. Thank you!

      • Dianne says:

        Wow! The back and sides of my 6yrs hair is so short and I have tried a few things and I have seen much results. What is the aloe vera mix that you use?

      • Dianne says:

        Wow that’s amazing! My daughter’s hair is really short around the back and side. What is the aloe vera mix that you use?

  22. Alisha says:

    Exactly what kind if Giovanni conditioner do you use? There are so many!

  23. Bimdal says:

    Help!!!. I am a Nigerian with a 2 year old girl. She was born with thick full long hair especially at the back. We relocated from illinois to Texas about a year ago and her hair starts to thin out. Now she has kind of bald at the back where she had most. Currently using home mixed shea butter, castor oil and coconut oil on her but her hair is now very thin, fragile, too soft and not growing.
    I really need your advise please.

  24. Kandice says:

    I thought I had this recipe bookmarked in my phone but didn’t! Been looking for it for 3 days and so glad I’ve found it again. The first time I made it, it kept my 19 month old’s and my hair super soft. I’m about to make another bottle right now. Thanks so much for sharing!

  25. Maruska says:

    Thank you so much for this. I had the same issue with my one year old. She had hair on the top of her head but nothing in the back. I put together my version of your simple hair treatment for a few months and her hair started really filling out I used it on myself for a couple of weeks and grew out four inches (with the inversion method). Once I stopped you could really tell the difference. So I just stopped by your site again to get the ingredients, but thought I would make a comment this time. I’m off to Sprouts now to buy them now.

  26. God bless the women who have to do a little girls hair. I can remember when both my daughters were 4 and 2 years old, and my wife getting them ready for church. All I could do is hold the brush and comb, and try to keep my daughters still so she could finish.

  27. Christina Wilson says:

    Hello, what kind of grease do you use, and also do you know we’re this aloe vera juice can be purchased online?

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