VH1 Hates Black Women

Let me take a second and voice what has taken me several years to realize. VH1, Shed Media, Mona Scott (and all of the programming executives at Vh1) all hate black women. I know people will sit and say, “but Mona Scott (one of the creators) is a black woman! How can she hate us?” I don’t know how but I am confident that she (along with all of the other producers, directors,etc) all feel like black women are disposable assets in this thing called reality television. Tonight, I had the (dis)pleasure of watching the premiere episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta and all I could do was stare at this train wreck of a show. I had promised myself that I would not watch it but all of my Twitter buddies were blogging about it so I figured I’d glance at it for a second-which turned into 60 minutes of my life that I can never get back.

When I finished, I noticed I had a stomach ache that hurt to the depths of my stomach. It wasn’t the ache you get because you’ve eaten something bad but the ache when you know something just isn’t right. As I read (reread tweets) from the cast members on the show and my Twitter friends, I realized what the ache was coming from. I realized that VH1 not only hates black women but they despise us and daily (through their programming) leads a campaign of hate towards us. It’s not the traditional hate where if you see that person(s) in the street you would fight them but it’s the secret type of hate–the kind that’s most dangerous. This type of hate is subtle and undetected by most but the aggressor usually displays it in their actions towards you. 

Two years ago I saw that VH1 was trying to reach an audience of black women after the tomfoolery of the Flavor of Love, and began to cast shows like Basketball Wives and Brandy and Ray J. I was hopeful that the new images I would see would be educated women telling stories that I (as an educated woman) could relate to ;however, I was wrong. I just knew that Vh1 had learned their lesson and was going to show the diverse paradigm of black women who were attorneys, musicians, doctors, and mothers but instead they opted to do the opposite. Instead they decided to bring to the “small screen” self centered, violent, pitiful women who let men “run all over them” for the sake of a new handbag or that new sports car.

Every night for the past couple of years VH1 has presented these images to our children like these are women to be admired. Think about it. You have Evelyn, a sassy girl from the Bronx, who instead of being admired about her business ventures is shown hurling wine bottles in fine establishments and cursing like a sailor. Instead of dismissing her from the show due to her violent ways they (reportedly) axed three cast members (Jennifer Williams, Royce Reed and Keisha Nichols) who are actually presentable. Then you have Mimi & Emily (Love and Hip Hop Atlanta and Love and Hip Hop New York) who allow their men to cheat and disrespect them but still stay because they love the glitz and glam of the hip hop lifestyle.

Instead of highlighting Emily’s work as an established stylist, VH1 depicted her as a wallflower, desperate for attention from her boyfriend/rapper, Fabulous. Then you have the new reality show “pushover” who allows her “man” to blatantly disrespect her after 15 years in a relationship. To add more salt to the wound to the black women’s image, tonight on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, you have a mistress, Jocelyn, who instead of trying to show little girls that despite having a hard life they can still be successful we see her as the irate mistress to mega producer, Stevie J.

It doesn’t even matter if VH1 have black women as producers on their shows–their campaign of hatred for black women is far reaching. Look at Shaunie O’Neal and her role as producer on Basketball Wives. Apparently her role is minimal because she couldn’t stop the violent actions and storylines VH1 displayed for the world to see–and she’s a black woman herself. There simply are no positive role models for any woman of color on VH1.

Where are the doctors, attorneys, teachers, singers–heck where are the women of substance on Vh1? Non existent. I’m convinced that when new programming is introduced, Vh1 producers go out and seek the most dysfunctional women of color and then try to twist it like they are doing us a favor because a woman of color is on the small screen. Instead of doing us a favor they’re basically putting us back in time when the only women of color you’d see would be maids, nannies. Yes, Vh1 is that bad.

Today is my last day of watching any more programming on Vh1. If I want to get comedic relief, I’ll read my Tweeps and hear about all the ratchetness that is occurring on Vh1. Thank you but no thank you..I can do better and so should YOU Vh1!

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Written by BossyGirl1980

Here I am 35 and accidentally a mother of four, naturalista, wife, business woman, budding socialite and self proclaimed “runnergirl”. Follow me on my journey of living the fab life while trying to maintain my sanity. In 2010 I lost over 30 pounds by embracing exercise and running as a pastime. This is your place for everything it takes to be a BossyGirl .

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About BossyGirl1980

Here I am 35 and accidentally a mother of four, naturalista, wife, business woman, budding socialite and self proclaimed "runnergirl". Follow me on my journey of living the fab life while trying to maintain my sanity. In 2010 I lost over 30 pounds by embracing exercise and running as a pastime. This is your place for everything it takes to be a BossyGirl .
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41 Responses to VH1 Hates Black Women

  1. Yum Yucky says:

    we can only blame VH1 as much as the willing participants of the show. If these woman weren't willing to participate, then VH1 would have to resort to alternative program ideas. They're trying to compete with Atlanta Housewives, I suppose. I refuse to watch Housewives or any of these other shows. My time is precious. Watching this mess is a bad investment of my time. I have a very low tolerance for reality TV anymore.
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  2. Lala says:

    It would be more accurate to say VH1 doesn’t respect women as it shows women of ALL races being ignorant, both mobwives shows rock of love charm school have trashy white girls just as flavor of love has trashy black girls

    • Does Vh1 single out one race to constantly humiliate? There's no variety for women of color on Vh1..Black women are constantly shown acting a fool!

      • Amanda says:

        And those other races of women have other forms of representation. I hate when people bring up the WW have this problem too! Uh yeah…. Let's see WW have actresses like Scarlet Johansen and many others. This goes for other non-BW as well.

    • Z.R. says:

      I agree. At the very minimum they constantly portray negative views of black women and Italian women.

  3. Tee says:

    I agree with your post 200% and I have never seen this show of which you speak. When my mind turned on some years back that "faith cometh by hearing" I started paying attention and started purposely avoiding a lot of the crap that's served up on tv & the radio. A lot of people watch these shows thinking that its just some wild and crazy tv fun – simply a way for them to unwind and get a laugh, but keep tuning in without realizing their minds are being programmed. I know I did. When I realized how easy it is for me to get some of these silly commercial jingles stuck in my head – so much that I'm singing it w/out even realizing it….I started to consider what else was sticking in my brain too and showing up in my life without me even realizing it. Yikes! I want less drama in my life – not more!

    One more thing — since the cameras and mics are rolling, and the subjects know it – reality tv really is not reality.

    • Yes, programming today seems like it's ran by the devil. It's disgusting. I can't deal with drama so when I see it in the form of reality television it literally makes my stomach hurt!

  4. Rita says:

    It's not that they don't like black women…they don't like women. I guess you may be forgetting that MOB Wives is also a show that they produced. It is just as bad. So, I have to disagree with. Everything isn't black and white.

    • You're right they don't like women but let me put it to you in this way. Can you name another station (other than MTV and BET) that literally ALL of their programming negatively reflects on one group (subgroup) of women? No…my point is that Viacom (the company who owns VH1) needs to held accountable. If I were Italian, I'd be MAD they depict me as part of the mob or even RHOBH like all blondes are dumb..

  5. Forbes says:

    There are no shows with Lawyers, Doctors or other professional women because those levels of education and success require time, patience, diligence, and hard work….everything that the young generation of women(and men) are against. Why would I want to be a doctor when I have a big booty and a cute smile? Certainly some guy that has already made money (from his own grind, legal or illegal but he made it) will pick me up as a trophy and sponsor me. I will get to live his life and roll how he rolls. Hopefully I will get pregnant so I can live for 18 years off of his child support. Yeah he is going to cheat on me, but I all guys cheat, at least I'm riding in a Benz I couldn't afford without him!! Why would I take time to talk when I could just cuss a b*tch out and bully her?

    I have heard young women say," Why do I have to learn math, I'm pretty so some rich guy is going to marry me and pay for me to live" and there is a GENERATION of young women that think like this….many as a result of VH1 and BET. I went out of the country for 2 weeks and there is a world of difference between the mentality of a chick that watches those shows and one that has NEVER seen any of them. You would have to see it to believe it, but these chicks are losing but think they are winning so you can't tell them otherwise. If you try, they will label you a hater.

    • You're right we have a lost a generation due to bad parenting, television and the corruptness of this world. I work with young teens everyday and the sad part is that a lot of them WANT to live this life. Nope. Not me. Not my kids.

  6. Let's not exclude Bravo and BET….Its all a shame. I was guilty only up until a very short time ago. I'm done! Thanks for this. Love it!
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  7. Amber says:

    Girl I was ranting about this last night on Twitter. I cannot understand how people complain about the negative portrayal of Black women on tv, yet they tune in to watch the shows…giving VH1 and the like the ratings they're seeking in the first place. It makes no sense to me! By watching, we're telling the networks that it's what we want to see. It's like people watch and support these shows, just to turn their nose up at them – when really, they're just being part of the problem! I watch reality tv but there has to be some limits! Great discussion post!

    • You are so right! So the most powerful thing I can do as a woman is say NO MORE and turn my television! I was so through I went and watched Golden Girls..now that's quality programming! Ha!

  8. Justice Jonesie says:

    So agree with you on the negative images that these shows portray. I wonder if "we" would watch positive shows with the same devotion that we do the negative shows? For example, I love Tia and Tamara because it is about sisterhood, family, and smart women. Simple. I have heard many other people remark how corny the show and the twins are.
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    • I love Tia and Tamara but big networks would never fully back them (give the PR) because their to innocent. No bottles throwing, no cursing..not exciting to all the ratchet folks.

    • Amanda says:

      Sad right! As opposed to cheating, fighting etc. Then when they want quality men, but those quality men don't want me, it's all what's wrong with me. Well what quality man wants a woman throwing bottles, being a side piece etc.?

  9. @dealFanatic says:

    I agree, if we keep watching…they will keep producing such shows and making a boat load of money to prove that we love it.
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  11. I just read your post and I agree. The show is KRAY!!! And if we keep watching they will keep making. I didn't watch BBW this season for the same reason. But what's more dissapointing is the women who sign up to be DRAMA FILLED ON TV. If I knew my hubby had a piece on the side, there would be no way in the world I would get on tv and live out our drama! Being famous isn't that important!

  12. Angel says:

    Well written article.

    The amount of responsibility that this article puts on VH1 is interesting to me. I'm not absolving them, but you fail to mention the responsibility of viewers to refrain from tuning in. I commend you for taking the stance to stop watching, though. Vh1 doesn't hate black women as much as VH1 loves money. And more than any other group who sits at home tweeting about these drama filled shows? **looks around room** Yup, that would be us. Black people- women especially- have to take more accountability for how we lead our lives, the shows that we chose to watch, and the places we spend our money. If we started speaking with our actions shows like this wouldn't exist. If we didn't bounce our a$$es so enthusiastically to the misogynistic songs then they wouldn't continue to be made. The only show on VH1 that I love is the LaLa Anthony show. Not that I haven't seen the others, but with the small amount of time that I have to sit and watch TV I refuse to spend it watching and discussing trash. My suggestion is this- Why don't we spend more time doing positive things than discussing negative. More discussion = more viewers. More viewers = higher ratings. Higher ratings = more $$. Let's be accountable and speak w/ that remote.

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  15. sepjan says:

    Finally a brave soul to speak truth to power. I heard you this am on cocoa mode’s show. I gave up tv last year partly for this reason. I refuse any longer to be subjected to such hate as it relates to women and black women in particular. Kudos to you!!

    PS. I will be calling VH1.

  16. misssrobin says:

    We only have antenna tv, so I don't watch VH1. Thank you for speaking out about this. It's important to speak up when we see something so wrong.

    Stopping by from SITS. Have a great weekend.

  17. @hellgiver says:

    I really enjoy reading the article, it was well written. _The author made very valid points about seeing doctors, lawyers, etc.on T.V. I believe the last time we saw a honest hard working African American family on T.V. was the Cobsy show. Bill cosby lead with great examples of leadership during his time. Everyone else on the cast are outstanding individuals at this time. Bill cosby expected the best from his children(cast), and he structure the family to prosper in their life. Since that time there's no show that comes close to modeling professional African American. Yes, it's true VHL work for the money, and give the audience what they want.

  18. Mirriam says:

    Ooh yes…we need the intellectuals….similarly…there’s NiNi and from Atlanta and Laura nd Jacky also Basketball wives…not only that…black ppl at large have been sidelined..just look at acters like Denzel..do u wanna tell me with all his movies he couldn’t get get 10 Oscars?? Geeeeezzzz

  19. Truth Speaker says:

    Sorry yall but I totally disagree.. VH1 doesn't hate anyone.. VH1 is no different than any other media machine and it's all about numbers.. My question is, why do people watch these types of shows, complain about it then watch it again? Answer: It's messy entertainment. We all love a little foolishness.. Yes, I watch the show but I also watch a ton of other shows that are positive and negative..ITS CALLED BALANCE PEOPLE… Besides, who are we to say that Love and Hip Hop isn't a reflection of someone's reality. It obviously is reaching someone because the show keeps coming back for new seasons.. Can we stop being so sensitive people? Can we stop pretending to be so righteous? Gee wiz!!!!!

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