I Don’t Feel Sorry for Evelyn Lozada

There I said it. Every since news broke last week that Chad “Ocho Cinco” “headbutted” his new bride, Evelyn Lozada, from that trashy reality show, “Basketball Wives”  the Internet has been going wild with the story. We’ve heard that Chad has been cut from his NFL team and that Evelyn has decided to file for divorce. Just like everyone else I’ve been trying to feel some type of sorry for Evelyn but nothing is moving me. I’ve tried to feel sorry for her that she was so afraid of her husband that she had to run to a next door neighbor’s home for safety. I’ve tried to feel sorry for her because her now 40 day marriage is over. I’ve tried to feel sorry for her because I’m sure she’s embarrassed that the man she declared was her “knight in shining armor” has a problem keeping his “head” to himself.

But the reality is that not only am I not sorry but I am smirking at the irony of these events. Here is a woman who reigned a “campaign of terror” against other women (on national television) and now because someone has done the same to her I’m supposed to feel some type of way? Negative.

You see I am totally against violence toward women and men like Chad Johnson should have to pay for what they did but why are we ignoring the violent, foul mouthed antics of this chick, Lozada? All last season we saw her bully, intimidate and try to assault a person that used to be her friend. The entire season she was at 1,000% and now since she’s had an act of violence committed towards her we are all supposed to feel sorry for her?

Nope I won’t buy it. Think about it. That’s like us feeling sorry for Jerry Sandusky if someone sexually assaults him in jail after what he did to those poor boys at Penn State. Or it’s like us feeling sorry for Chris Brown if he got beat up by a woman-it wouldn’t happen. So why now is the  “media” and Evelyn’s PR team trying to make her the spokeperson for domestic abuse?

Probably because they want to position her getting her own reality show about rebuilding her life after being abused by her husband.

I’m not buying it.Ever. If she does get a show I will never watch it just like I refused to watch her on Basketball Wives and how I refused to watch her and Chad’s show that was to debut on VH1. 

Instead of us feeling sorry for  her we need to make her accountable for her actions against other women on television. Maybe she needs to admit her despicable behavior on Vh1 towards Jennifer and other targeted ones.

I know people will write comments about this post and say that I am advocating violence against women and cry about Lozada being a victim but I don’t care. I don’t feel sorry for her and personally I believe this is karma.

Maybe this encounter she’s had with violence will help her understand the pain she inflicted on others. Maybe this will make her a better person in the end. Maybe she’ll return for the next season of Basketball Wives and be a person that is calm, respectful and ladylike instead of violent, disrespectful and beastly.

Who knows, either way I just hope I never see her like this (look below) again. What do you think–do you feel sorry for Evelyn Lozada?


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Written by BossyGirl1980

Here I am 35 and accidentally a mother of four, naturalista, wife, business woman, budding socialite and self proclaimed “runnergirl”. Follow me on my journey of living the fab life while trying to maintain my sanity. In 2010 I lost over 30 pounds by embracing exercise and running as a pastime. This is your place for everything it takes to be a BossyGirl .

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Here I am 35 and accidentally a mother of four, naturalista, wife, business woman, budding socialite and self proclaimed "runnergirl". Follow me on my journey of living the fab life while trying to maintain my sanity. In 2010 I lost over 30 pounds by embracing exercise and running as a pastime. This is your place for everything it takes to be a BossyGirl .
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24 Responses to I Don’t Feel Sorry for Evelyn Lozada

  1. @ReneeJRoss says:

    As a survivor of domestic abuse I in no way condone it. However, I agree that after watching Evelyn's antics on Basketball wives it is very difficult for me to see her as the "face" of domestic violence. She indeed is a perpetrator of violent acts against women herself. So, no honey. You do NOT get to be a spokesperson. Perhaps this experience will help you to change your crazy physically violent ways!

  2. I feel you! She not only threw one, but 2 wine bottles at another lady! She could have hurt them badly! She wasn't worried about them. Plus I think it's more to the story. If a man is going to beat you, he won't be head butting!

  3. Stephanie says:

    I'm with you. I don't feel sorry for this bully at all. Karma is real!

  4. Ebbs says:

    I agree with you also. Even though I don't ever agree with anyone resorting to Domestic Violence, she has been a bully to almost everyone on BBW. What killed me is when she released that statement saying that "Chad needs help", I was like and you don't……

  5. Kita says:

    The kettle calling the pot black. People do things to others but when it's done to them they want to cry foul. SMH

  6. yumyucky says:

    Love it. I agree with you 100%. All of these thirty chicks trying to reap their "fame" by sowing a bunch of foolishness are going to be shocked at what they really reap in the end.
    My recent post (Pic) This Is Very Suspicious Behavior

  7. KenyaBee says:

    I didn't even think about her getting her own show from this.

    I don't have a single bleep to give about her, honestly. Nobody deserves to be head butted. But when she said she plans on being an advocate against domestic violence, my face literally scrunched up. I just can't take her seriously. I've never watched the show, but I've heard she made a name for herself through violence, so I don't know how she can speak up against domestic violence. Not when she's not capable of keeping her hands to herself either.

    Did she deserve what she got? No. But she definitely needs to have a seat. She has no credibility.

    I don't feel for either of them …. they're just another couple that has made a complete mockery of the sanctity of marriage.

  8. Attorney2be says:

    I don't condone domestic violence either but the fact that she should be the face or voice of something so serious is absolutely ludicrus. She's mean, evil a bully and a straight up mean girl. That's putting it nicely. She needs to sit down and if he did it, he needs to pay. But if I ever saw her speak on domestic violence at a local high school etc, I'd have to attend and give her a piece of my mind.
    My recent post Relocating

  9. Mirriam says:

    So Damn true…..what happened to her is called Karma..

  10. Sadi says:

    Wowww!! I just blogged about the SAME thing last week! I totally agree with you!!
    My recent post Violence, Violence and Domestic Violence!

  11. Jai Stone says:

    I just want to know where was all this sympathy for Jennifer when Ev's friend from NYC slapped the taste buds out of her mouth. Why was Jen bullied and fired for taking a stand against being hit?? There was no out pouring of sympathy then.

    I bet you Shaunie is wishing she had stepped up to reign in this mess instead of profiting off its escalation.

  12. Kathy says:

    I agree. I mean i don't condone a man beating on a female. But watch ev these last couple season i find it really hard to feel bad for her. I starting to feel like maybe i was a bad person but at the same time Ev is a bully that throws stuff so quick. I just wish it was a women that gave her a nice ass whipping or something.
    My recent post Twenty Two Facts about Kat.

  13. Caroll says:

    I agree with you! I know this post is from last year, however the new season has started and I have not really watched it, but caught some of it last night and it seems like she has taken it down quite a bit. All I can say is Your Drama Causes Your Karma!

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