Part III: So You Want to Blog? How to Get Paid…

I’ve always lived by the motto, “If you have multiple talents, you should be getting multiple checks.” So, when I started blogging I believed that one day I would be paid for doing it. It took about a year but I eventually got my first ‘check’ from my blog. Then after that I eventually was getting paid sporadically for writing then SOMETHING happened in 2012 and I found myself making money from my blog consistently. Now I won’t sit here and lie to you about how I quit my job and make enough money to blog full time–because I don’t . However, I do make enough money to buy ‘extras’ how do I do it?  Hold tight and let me tell you how to get paid…

1. I joined an Ad network. For years I had heard about how it was impossible to make money from various ad networks. I even declined offers from ad agencies that came in my inbox because I was SURE they were not for me. Then last summer I decided to give one company a chance and joined them and I ever since have been VERY pleased with them.  You have to remember not all ad companies are the same and do not have the same goals. Some are just there for them to put their ads on your site, while there are others who care about you as a blogger. I thankfully found one that has helped me grow as a Blogger.  So as Iyanla would say, “Do your work ” and research the different networks, ask questions and more importantly find out if you s are the right ‘fit’ before joining one.


2. I began to freelance write for various sites. Now let me be clear…when I first starting writing various articles around the Internet I was not being paid ONE, RED CENT. That’s right… I was writing for free but gradually I began to build my portfolio and before long I was able to demand to be paid for my work. This was a process. It was only after writing for a year on my blog and then freelancing for another 6 months, that I had enough content to show to editors that not only could I write but I was versatile to write about various topics. Freelancing is a hustle. You have to ‘work’ your contacts, you get rejected a lot but you keep going if you’re passionate. I know sometimes I’m scatterbrained around here, but I have a two degrees in English, so I had to make I took my time and proofread what I was putting on my site. Right now I write for a couple of publications-some paid some are not; however, every piece I write helps me build my online portfolio that will gradually get me into Essence Magazine. The point is that every time I write something  provocative, funny or sad there is someone reading it and then Googling me to see what else I wrote. That’s how you build a fan base- and then that’s how you can demand to be paid.

3. I do a little bit of social media consulting for small businesses and entrepreneurs. I love the Internet: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. So from ‘time to time’ I help businesses grow their social media presence. You would be surprised with the amount of people who have NO IDEA how to get new customers from the Internet so I gladly charge them a (small) fee for some advice. I am really working on growing this part of my business as I get even more experience under my belt. I’ve found that the best resume for getting a gig like this is showing them what I’ve done in Social Media. I show them how I built a community of over 3,000 educators from across the world on The Educator’s Room or how I’ve managed to build a fan base here at BossyGirl. This shows them that I can help them with their business.

4. My editing company, The Editing Nerd, keeps me busy. This year it seemed like EVERYBODY (and their mama) needed something edited,written or all together rebuilt on the page. Just this month, I’ve revised about three thesis proposals AND a request to help someone finish their dissertation. So to say I’ve been busy is an  understatement. This year I’ve edited (or wrote ) 10 resumes, 3 books, 7 Theses and 2 Dissertations.  I love doing it but with it comes the knowledge that you can’t make everyone happy. So I’m really in the process of getting some things together so that I can be even more effective in the new year.


Now this is what I do now to make extra change ; however, I am in the process of adding some more services that can help me transition from working for someone else full time and instead work for myself FULL TIME! If you have a blog (or want to blog) and you want to start making money my advice for you would be:

a. Establish a fan base that will support your ventures. I can’t tell you how many referrals I’ve received from someone I worked with 3 months ago or who read my blog!

b. Be patient. There are few bloggers who within a year are blogging full time and making enough money to pay all the bills. Even the ones who claim they do many times have a spouse who picks up the heavier of the bills. I had to learn this and when I stopped expecting money is when I started to receive money!

c. Have integrity. I get emails all the time for advertisements for companies that I don’t believe in (porn sites, liquor,etc) and I politely decline. Or even worse, I’ll have someone email me with a wonderful opportunity (that requires a lot of work on my end) but without paying me. I’ve even gotten emails from hair companies whose products are HORRIBLE, that I’ve declined. I always appreciate these opportunities but most times I decline because I don’t want to “do stuff” just to do it. I want to make sure that whatever I put “BossyGirl” behind is truly something I believe in.

Now those are my tips (for now).. are you making money on your blog? What are your goals for 2013 and your blog? 

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Written by BossyGirl1980

Here I am 35 and accidentally a mother of four, naturalista, wife, business woman, budding socialite and self proclaimed “runnergirl”. Follow me on my journey of living the fab life while trying to maintain my sanity. In 2010 I lost over 30 pounds by embracing exercise and running as a pastime. This is your place for everything it takes to be a BossyGirl .

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About BossyGirl1980

Here I am 35 and accidentally a mother of four, naturalista, wife, business woman, budding socialite and self proclaimed "runnergirl". Follow me on my journey of living the fab life while trying to maintain my sanity. In 2010 I lost over 30 pounds by embracing exercise and running as a pastime. This is your place for everything it takes to be a BossyGirl .
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23 Responses to Part III: So You Want to Blog? How to Get Paid…

  1. Kita says:

    Great tips. I had the google ads and I was doing the amazon one but did not get any money on them so I stopped probably too quick. I am glad you are making some extras every little bit helps

  2. Lashawn says:

    Great advice girl! And I hear you about Essence Magaine!!!

  3. I agree with all the tips! I didn't know you were an editor! YES! I need one all the time! My husband takes to long! Can I be your new client?

  4. Monica says:

    Thank you for this article. Very insightful, helpful, and encouraging. I just started a blog and this week I was in my head thinking, I didn't feel like posting anything up this week. I am going to keep pressing. I like to write. I enjoy it. At the same time I can be patient. Many thanks.
    My recent post Motivated by His Promises

  5. I just started blogging a couple of months ago and I am enjoying myself. I am just happy to have anyone reading. I would love to diversify my readers because it is part of a bigger brand building plan. Great info in this post!


  6. Justice Jonesie says:

    It sounds like you have had a pretty lucrative year! I love hearing this stories– Love!
    So happy to hear things are going well for you. I need to stop by more often!

  7. Athena Brady says:

    Hi Bossy Girl, well done you for managing to make money from something you enjoy doing. What ad people do you use? I am a newbie and would welcome some advice.
    My recent post Hurricane Sandy

  8. Katrina says:

    Hello, am still a newbie to blogging, although I began blogging at the beginning of the year. I would love more advice on this and eventually get paid to blog. I love to write and have been writing for years.
    My recent post Here We Go Again!!!

  9. freecookbooks says:

    Great tips!!! Thank you for sharing it with all of us:)

  10. ashleyinnc says:

    This is a great post! I am so glad I found it through BlogHer. I am always curious about freelancing and what services/sites are the best ones to find opportunities.
    My recent post “SITS” Yourself Down!

  11. I love success stories! I'm so glad that you are doing so well with this. My audience is building slowly, and I want to branch out and freelance write as well as continue to expand my blog. I just don't know where to start as far as finding work. I'm ok with working for free for experience, but again am not sure where to start looking. I'm told I write very well, but a lot of the information out there is confusing (like starting your own website, I have no idea where I should go for that).
    My recent post Please Step Away From The Cheese!

  12. Marjo says:

    Some very helpful information. Thank you! Glad I am now part of Blogher.
    My recent post Guest Post by David LeRoy

  13. celise14 says:

    Thanks for writing this! I've just started blogging in the last 6 months and have been trying to figure out ways to branch out and start to be more successful with my writing. It's fantastic to see people succeed at this and be able to make money! As a military spouse, it's always great to find additional ways of earning an income! Thanks so much for your advice!
    My recent post A few days of gratitude & moving…

  14. misssrobin says:

    It’s wonderful that you are sharing what you’ve learned with other bloggers. What a kind thing. Great tips!

    Happy Sharefest. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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