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So I’m Having Another Baby


So it happened. I was living my life, taking care of my three babinos when in June I started to feel sick. Like REALLY sick. I was laid on my couch for days at a time and I didn’t get … Continue reading

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{Wordless Wednesdays} Keep the Fire Burning: Avoiding Teacher Burnout


A year ago I started The Educator’s Room now this year we’re publishing our first book (and I’ve written 4 chapters) in it. Details coming soon on how to order a copy of the book!

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Hair Growth Challenge


I haven’t spoken about my natural hair in a LONG time here on the blog. Of course I still wear my hair au natural;however, I got bored with talking about it. So true to my nature, I simply would wash … Continue reading

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Please, Natural Hair Nazis Take a Seat!


I love being able to jump in the show, run a couple of miles or sit out in the sun without worrying about my hair ‘shrinking up’ and ‘ruining my style’.  You see my hair (in it’s natural state) is … Continue reading

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We Have Seperate Bank Accounts..Don’t You?


“What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is ours.” This is a popular phrase that many married women say when (playfully) explaining how they wish money would be divided in their marriage. When I got married five years ago, my … Continue reading

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Part III: So You Want to Blog? How to Get Paid…


I’ve always lived by the motto, “If you have multiple talents, you should be getting multiple checks.” So, when I started blogging I believed that one day I would be paid for doing it. It took about a year but I eventually got my … Continue reading

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Why I Won’t Whip My Children Anymore


My mother used to tell me that what works with one child, won’t necessarily work with the next one(s). Boy was she ever right. My oldest son is so calm and well composed that many times you won’t even know … Continue reading

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Talking Tuesdays: Whip That Thing Out: Why I Advocate Breastfeeding Anytime, Anyplace!

  During my pre adolescent years I was told by my mother to “hide my breasts” and make sure I wasn’t showing too much cleavage. If I did I wouldn’t be thought of as a “good girl” and I could … Continue reading

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VH1 Hates Black Women

Let me take a second and voice what has taken me several years to realize. VH1, Shed Media, Mona Scott (and all of the programming executives at Vh1) all hate black women. I know people will sit and say, “but … Continue reading

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{Behind the Blogger} How I Cut My Grocery Bill by $150!

photo (15)

   Being a mother to three children has its perks. On holidays I get lots of cards, every morning I wake up  to multiple kisses wishing me a good day and I get to see three little people grow into … Continue reading

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