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Lost But Found..A Journey into My Thirties

green and red healthy food

Thirty something and constantly looking to find a way to address my inner fire. That’s what my life has been like since I turned thirty. The desires and dreams that used to occupy my mind are gone. Now I put … Continue reading

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January Progress Pictures: Please No Judgement


I’ve tried for the past 3 years to lose this weight from having kids 18 months apart. In 2011 I lost 32 pounds and since then I’ve lost (then gained back) 10 pounds. This year (2013) things will be different. … Continue reading

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The Word for the Year is RAW- 90 Day Clean Eating Challenge, Life, Etc.

This is a picture from August--not much has changed. The pictures without my shirt will be released 1/30.

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted because I’ve really struggled in WHERE I want to take this blog in 2013. It’s been two years since I first started and for the later part of 2012 I feel like I didn’t … Continue reading

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The Lessons I Learned in 2012- Exercise Was Not My Priority

My blog was started because one day I woke up in the mirror and I didn’t like myself. I had had my 3 (unexpected) child and in the process had let my weight go up to 225 pounds. I started … Continue reading

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Update on My Exercising, Eating and Dreams


I’ve gotten a ton of emails, Facebook messages and Tweets asking how I’m doing on my LOOOONG weight loss journey. I can gladly tell you I’ve FINALLY gotten my ‘mind right’ and I’m back on the living healthy bandwagon. That’s … Continue reading

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I Finally Tried CrossFit! Barbara was a Nasty Girl!

My life changed on this past Saturday. I did what I said I was going to do for months and I completed a Cross Fit class. There are a ton of locations here in Atlanta, but I chose to go … Continue reading

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Clean Eating Menu Week of October 8th, 2012

For about a month now I’ve gotten back on track with eating right, exercising and even restarting Insanity for the 3rd time. However one of the most crucial things I could EVER do is make sure what I put in … Continue reading

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{ A Day In The Life of a Blogger} I’m Juicing

juicing collageedited

I’m so tired of talking about losing weight that for the past couple of months I stopped talking about it. I exercised occasionally ┬ábut I was not longer motivated to do anything about it to lose the last 40-50 pounds. … Continue reading

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It’s Taken Me Two Weeks to Write This

It’s taken me two weeks to write about this. I thought about keeping it as a secret but this blog is all about “keeping it real” so that’s what I intend to do. I took my son for his well … Continue reading

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The Reluctant Runner: I Keep On Keeping On…


I’m literally knee deep into training for 3 upcoming races (BGR Run to End Hunger, 13.1 Half Marathon Series, and Thanksgiving Day Half Marathon) and somedays I just want to give up. There I said it. I’ve always been a … Continue reading

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