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{Mommyhood Confessions} When I Decided To Take My Daughter to the Beauty Salon

It was 11 o’clock at night and instead of me being in the bed ‘sleep I was up trying to braid my sleeping daughter’s hair for school the next day. My hands hurt, my back hurt and I  just couldn’t  seem … Continue reading

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Guess Who Was On Television? ME!!!

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So What Happens When You Write a Book? People Get Mad, The Book Signing and All That Jazz


So about two weeks ago my second book, “Keep the Fire Burning: Avoiding Teacher Burnout,” came out. To say I was ecstatic was an understatement. Not only had I reached a goal of finishing a book in a 4 month time period … Continue reading

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Seriously, I’m A Beyonce Fan!

So I know I’m late but I just have to talk about Beyonce’s documentary that aired last week. For a long time I was fan of Beyonce but in the recent years I’ve become a borderline “Stan” of her music. When I … Continue reading

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I’m About To Be An Author!

I’ve been super busy, stressed out and writing, editing and writing some more. It’s all been for a good cause because my online magazine, The Educator’s Room is releasing our first book in a week! It’s a book that addresses … Continue reading

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{The Hell No Files} The Lesson The Word ‘Nigger’ Taught Jessica Bennet

There are few things in the world that could enrage me enough to  want to openly slap another adult  but any   violence toward  my children will definitely get you ‘dealt’ with. I can remember growing up my mother always telling … Continue reading

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Yes, I Hyphenated My Name…So What?


Last week I went into the bank to deposit some money. As I looked at my deposit slip, I noticed that the bank had my last name wrong. Instead of using my hyphenated last name they had simply put my … Continue reading

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You Know You’re a Mother When…

As a mother of three, it takes A LOT to freak me out and this weekend just proved that! Last night I was upstairs folding my 20th load of laundry when I heard screaming and shouting from downstairs. Thinking that … Continue reading

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My Daughter Has No White Friends

The other day I was thinking about all of my 4 year old daughter’s friends and I came to  startling realization- she has no friends of different backgrounds particularly white. As I thought in my mind, I’m not even sure … Continue reading

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To Fix the Problem In Chicago..We Have To Look At Ourselves

For weeks I’ve sat back and watched all of the countless murders of young African American children in Chicago and I’ve been silent. Not silent because I didn’t have anything to say but silent because I was unsure how I … Continue reading

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