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New Generation Gifting

When I think about buying presents for my kids, it usually surrounds a special day like a birthday, Christmas, or even Easter.  On most of these special occasions family and friends like to give gifts as well.  With two toddlers, … Continue reading

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His Phone…. His Passcode..


Do you have your significant other’s pass code to their phone, email, etc.?  Have you ever tried to play detective in decoding their lock codes?  Or are passwords and pass codes a thing that is freely given in your relationship? … Continue reading

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Where Have I Been? 5 Things That Can Keep You From Updating Your Blog

Sorry I’ve been MIA. Life kind of caught up with me and I really abandoned one of my loves, this blog. I could make up some story of espionage and kidnappings, but in all truth, I’ve been sitting back plotting. … Continue reading

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3 Ways To Tell If Your Child Is Acting Up on Social Media

How many times have you turned to YouTube only to find another young girl twerking it’s like her day job? What about the times you’ve looked on Instagram and noticed that a boy that’s barely pubescent has dozens of half-naked girls on … Continue reading

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Heartbreaking Video from a Parent of a Student Slain at Sandy Hook Elementary

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Guess Who Was On Television? ME!!!

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Am I a Feminist? I Think So!

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As I get older and experience more things in life, the more I realize that I’m a feminist. No, I’m not one who you will find at some rally burning my bra why singing woman empowerment songs, but I  have … Continue reading

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Gun Control and I Don’t Care What You Think

Today President Obama signed 23 executive orders dealing with gun control including stronger background checks and expanded safety programs in schools. All over Facebook I saw people post things “crying” that their rights as gun owning citizens were being taken … Continue reading

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My Daughter Has No White Friends

The other day I was thinking about all of my 4 year old daughter’s friends and I came to  startling realization- she has no friends of different backgrounds particularly white. As I thought in my mind, I’m not even sure … Continue reading

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Salmon w/ Cauliflower Cream Sauce and ‘Broccoli’ Rice


Let me start off by saying that this recipe is not mine. A Facebook friend of mine ,Caroline Jhing0ry, posted this on her site and I had to try it.     Ingredients: Salmon Cauliflower Low Sodium Chicken Broth Broccoli … Continue reading

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