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  1. Gloria says:

    After 20yrs of not using chemicals on my hair I allowed someone to put a duke texture on my head and it burned all my hair out… I really need your help I loved the piece on your daughter hair growth…. Pls help me I have only 4 inches that have grown back but at one ti,e my hair was down to my butt. Can you tell me where to buy the products you used I live in Dallas Texas… I was in Iraq for 7 1/2 yrs no problem but when I came home I lost all my hair or a bad judgement call

  2. michelle says:

    hi busy girl whats the recipe for the homemade conditioner?

  3. Dawn says:

    Hi Bossy Girl! Today I start the journey following your very detailed outline of products. First, thank you for sharing so unselfishly! Just a quick question. Do I apply the l.i.c. and Sulfur 8 weekly or daily? Thank you again and I’ll check back in in 6 mos and let you know my results. :-)

  4. Marcia Thurman says:

    I am adult and I have serious hair issues, thinning, breakage. It does grow, but what is the point if its all thin and bald. I bought the products to use for my hair, or is there something else I need to be using. I even bought aloe juice to drink and am taking biotin. Are there any reviews on results from adults having success with using your recipe? Please help.
    Thank you

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