BossyGirl in the City is a community that has been steadily “raising the bar” of quality content on a blog. Please visit our press page for a look at the press we have received.  

For Starters

Are you interested in working with BossyGirl or sponsoring a post?  If  you (or your company) are a match with my vision for my blog then I will partner with you. This blog was started to help empower women so, if your product is not align with that value I will politely decline. I have written numerous articles across the Blogosphere for various media outlets and if you want to see my work, please send me an email at or

Target Audience

The readers of BossyGirl are near and dear to my heart. They are mothers, business women, daughters, athletes, etc who regularly communicate with me on what they want to see on my blog. Since starting the blog in 2010, I have seen my readers grow from a measly 10 readers to a daily 800! My readers not only comment on my blog posts but they routinely take part in Facebook Discussions on topics ranging from fashion to politics.  I usually post about my daily struggles with being me (natural hair, motherhood, creating my own business, etc). The content on this blog is versatile–just like women.

Even though I am a lifestyle blogger, I also discuss my natural hair; therefore, you will see Product Reviews on the blog.  I also consider myself a “socialite in training” so my adventures of hitting the town are also documented. If you are interested in knowing specifics about my audience please email me at either or!

Sponsorships and Advertising

In 2012 I decided to allow advertising on my site but only on  a case by  case basis.  If your company is interested in this please send me an email so I can give you a specific rate.  Some options that I do offer are as follows:

  • Product Reviews (these are always free)
  • Event Sponsorship
  • Banners
  • Giveaways
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Whole Blog Sponsors
  • Campaigns

Product Reviews and Features/ Sponsored Posts

I do accept a variety of products for review.  These products can range from beauty products to clothing but product reviews are provided on a case by case discretion. Every product that I agree to review will be used; however, if I have a negative experience with the product I will first contact the company but I am obligated to give an honest review. I usually do not accept products I do not like; therefore, a published review and/or feature is not promised.

Once your company sends me a request at or  I will see if the product and/or service is aligned with my blog’s philosophy.  If it is I will do the following:

  1. Accept the product or service at no cost to me. While I understand some companies offer discounts for bloggers to try their products I will not purchase an item at a reduced rate for the ONLY purpose to review or feature the product.
  2. Provide a review within 60 days of receipt of the product. Once I try the product I usually send an email letting you know when the review (if it will) will run.
  3. I maintain FULL EDITORIAL content control.  At no point will I allow anyone to influence what I say in my content. In the blog post I usually link back to the company’s site and will Tweet about the product and/or service.
  4. Disclose that the products/service were provided to me for review or feature.


I enjoy having giveaways on my site; however, I will not run a giveaway on my site without FIRST testing the product to see if it is aligned with my vision for the blog. If you are interested in having your product and/or service as a giveaway I will evaluate on a case by case basis.


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