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January Progress Pictures: Please No Judgement


I’ve tried for the past 3 years to lose this weight from having kids 18 months apart. In 2011 I lost 32 pounds and since then I’ve lost (then gained back) 10 pounds. This year (2013) things will be different. … Continue reading

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11 Lessons I Learned in 2011 (6-10)


The year 2011 was epic for me on all kinds of levels. I started a blog that by all accounts is allowing me to live out my dreams of becoming a full time writer.  I lost 32 pounds after becoming … Continue reading

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The Big Reveal..Remember 2010 Goals

This time last year I was in a serious FUNK of trying to lose weight. My self esteem was at an all time low due to not being able to fit any of my clothes and generally I hated looking … Continue reading

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MOnday Motivation..Self Hate is One HELL of a Drug

This weekend I was laying on my bed fulfilling my unhealthy obsession with trashy reality shows when I looked up caught a glance of myself in the mirror. I was disgusted. All that kept going through my mind was.. Damn my belly … Continue reading

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Chronicles of a Runner..The Slip and Fall Incident

I’ve been running for a year now but I had yet to experience a fall..until TODAY. I had made up my mind to hit the pavement and get in 3-4 miles. So after work I raced home and quickly laced … Continue reading

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Monday Motivation:Anything You Want is Worth the Effort

I remember last year being so frustrated with my weight. I was 225 lbs and I felt stuck in my body–literally. I was still wearing maternity clothes because my belly was too big to fit into my regular clothes and every … Continue reading

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Financial Fridays.. The Art of the Side Hustle: Know Your Worth but Don’t Be Stupid!

So this time last week, I decided to officially launch my online business, The Editing Nerd (please click “like”). I was tired of giving my editing/proofing services away for free and  I needed some extra money in my pocket so I … Continue reading

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Monday Motivation…Time is a Tickin SUCKA!!

There are 24 hours in a day…7 days a week..30 days in a month and 365 days in a year. Plenty of time for me to get my stuff together–but time is currently my enemy. I need an INTERVENTION!!!!!

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Monday Motivation: Beware of Dream Killers

When you start off the battle of losing weight, you are so excited, so pumped that you literally tell everyone who will listen. You write down everything you eat, you workout more often and you try to keep that “skinny” … Continue reading

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Chronicles of a Runner..1000 Miles and Running…

my supermodel pose with my running buddy, Mommyof2 This morning I braved the cold weather and decided to do my yearly tradition  of running the Atlanta Track Club Thanksgiving 5k. Last year I struggled to finish the race and finished … Continue reading

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